Where Is Your Power?

The South African Pagan Council hosts a mail list which I’ve had to unsubscribe from twice now,in sheer frustration – the latest episode having taken place yesterday.

The SAPC is a worthy organisation, whose conveners work tirelessly for the greater good of the Pagan community of this country.

However, a mugwump seems to have crept in.

As is widely known, the SAPC is committed to fighting for the repeal of the 1957 Witchcraft Suppression Act, which demonises Pagans and other spiritual and cultural practitioners alike, by making it a crime to perform Witchcraft.

The fact that the Act has not been trotted out for use against any Pagans in its entire history is not to the point – it is grossly unconstitutional to have such an Act in our legislature in the first place.

Whilst consulting with Lawyers for Human Rights this week, our Pagan Representatives were given an option to combine efforts with the Traditional Healers’ Organisation. Lawyers for Human Rights would represent both parties as potential victims of the Act, if we agreed.

Sounds like a bit of a no-brainer, right? The THO consists of many more members than SAPRA (link temporarily down while we switch hosts)and SAPC together, and they are a known and to some extent respected community in South Africa. We have a better chance of success with the THO on board, right?

Wrong, according to some Pagani.

Blow me down when a couple of Pagans didn’t start making noises objecting to being aligned in any way with the THO.

They expressed primitive fears of being subsumed and ‘betrayed’ by the THO.
Just what form this betrayal would take they have refused, so far, to articulate, but the hysteria mounted in a hilarious replay of the old apartheid regime with its swart gevaar and reds under the beds panics.

The conversation just got sillier and sillier, with people making such logic-depleted statements as If it feels wrong, it is wrong’.

Come again?

..also ‘Everybody knows that these people will stab us in the backs and betray us’.


Any proof to offer, mate?

It has been said that the THO are after the formation of special Witch Courts, where they may act as official witch-pointers.

OK- but don’t they act in this way anyway?

And, if and when we defeat this Act, with or without the THO as our allies, won’t they be trying to set these courts up anyway?

Not that they stand a chance in hel, mind you -these are highly unconstitutional bodies they would like to see formed.

But what does the one have to do with the other?

We need to see this Act repealed.

If we run away from the battle now in some knee-jerk-white-south-africans-terrified-of-the-dangerous-darkies reaction, we stand to perpetrate a true betrayal of South African Pagandom by losing the legal fight.

Come on now,my compatriot Pagani – what are you all afraid of? Are You not God?

Where is your power?


3 responses to “Where Is Your Power?

  1. You have my permission to practice all the witchcraft you wist to practice. You don’t have much control power as God and you don’t have any as a witch either. But while you are doing it, wear sexy clothing. Carry on.


  2. All this makes me think of the truism that the people people fear most, are the people they’ve harmed. I think this is what’s behind the white-on-black racism in the US. May be the same in South Africa? Whatever — Good luck with getting rid of that 1957 Act!


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