Book Meme

I’ve been Memed, by Kay

1 – One book that changed your life

Coming Into Being by William Irwin Thompson

2 – One book that you’ve read more than once

I read many books more than once –
I consider my favourite books to be good friends, with whom I can while away many an hour,
even if we’re having what appears to be the same conversation.

3 – One book you’d want on a desert island

A well-produced copy of the Bible. With thin pages.

4 – Two books that made you laugh

Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman

Progressive Witchcraft by Farrar and Bone. The laughter was not kindly meant, I assure you.
5 – One book that made you cry
6 – One book that you wish had been written
Messiah: My Life and Times and What I Really Meant to Say by Jesus of Nazareth

7 – One book that you wish had never been written
The Qur’an

8 – Two books you’re currently reading

I usually-almost always-only read one book at a time.
I’ve just finished Pratchett’s Thud and I’m in the midst of The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra

9 – One book you’ve been meaning to read
I keep seeing it on the shelves of all the bookstores, and unaccountably failing to pick it up and buy it. I don’t know what I’m waiting for, really.

Update: A Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal contest has announced the winners, with pics.

This is my favourite, it looks so like one of my dreams.


6 responses to “Book Meme

  1. ” One book that you’ve read more than once”Auto repair manuals. LOLI’ve read “The Bridge Across Forever” two times. The very last book I would want on an island is a bible. I would want a survival book, a really thick one.


  2. “Progressive Witchcraft by Farrar and Bone. The laughter was not kindly meant, I assure you.”Care to comment more on this? I’m just curious– I assume you didn’t like the book.–Bill(Oaksong of El Jay Land)


  3. “8 – Two books you’re currently reading”Give me a break, I don’t have time to read two books at a time. I don’t even have time to run two blogs at a time. The book on Einstein I’m trying to work through is thick, that is enough to try to get through.


  4. At some point in time you have to stop reading books and start thinking for yourself. – Albert Einstein. I think that is very good advice. Especially if you are reading a lot of fiction. Just because some say that there is a lot of truth in fiction doesn’t mean that there is. It’s mostly just an escape.


  5. Bill,I’ve got a lot of time and shelf space for Janet and Stewart Farrar’s door-opening works – I’ve owned the Witches’ Bible in 2 editions for most of my Craft life.However, Progressive Witchcraft is, to my mind, not well-written, appears as a mishmash of previous ideas and methods (nothing new), and worst of all, makes some hideous mistakes-like asserting that the sun rises in the West in the southern hemisphere.Now, I know it’s been claimed that that was a printing error. But reading the passage carefully seems to negate that theory. The author displays a complete lack of grasp of basic astronomy. It made me grind my teeth, then burst out laughing.Love,Terri in Joburg


  6. I’ve never read the witches bible, don’t suppose I ever will. All I need to know about witches is if they are nice and if they like sex, because I sure don’t believe they have any special powers. I can pretty much prove that by pointing out that they have not fixed this world. Unless of course they are trying to destroy this world, in that case, carry on then.


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