Oh No. Ohnoohnoohnoohnooo…

There’s a strange atmosphere today.

People I have come to regard, in some strange way, as friends- among them Mahud, Jay ,Sara ,Lee and Billy – have either disappeared or taken long leave from the blogosphere. I know how they feel, but damn it all,l I shall miss them, every one.

Then last night I had a marathon dream-a-thon, one vivid experience after another.

In one of them, I was looking out of a window onto a darkened balcony. A man in a neat suit and hat was standing there, only just visible.

Immediately afterwards, I was with an old ‘varsity friend – one of the brightest and best students of physics – who was preparing to take a huge bloody drill to the forehead of his still, sleeping lover, a man in the corner of the room. In the dream, I left before the screaming and blood could begin.

So this morning I went cold with shock and not a little fear to learn through Hecate that a dear companion of my last 17 years has been diagnosed with the same damn disease which killed my Mum, at the same age.

But, as he says , he aten’t dead and any rumours to the contrary will be seriously snapped at by me, among others.
Dammit – why does this always seem to happen to the brightest and best of us?

The end of this end-of-an-epoch 9 year is drawing close.
May the next year, a 1, be a great new start for all of us.

7 responses to “Oh No. Ohnoohnoohnoohnooo…

  1. I just needed to take a break hon. After almost two years of this I see that trying to fix the world with a blog is akin to beating my head against a wall.I miss Lee also, I hope that she is okay. I haven’ had any dreams for a while, and have seldom had dreams like that. I day dream a lot though, of world peace. Something I know that I’m not going to get for some time yet, it may take 5 or 6 more human lifetimes to get to that point. Sigh.I’m not sure what to do about or with my blog. It has taken many unexpected paths, I see that part of it was my search for ‘her’ (it wasn’t my intent when I started the blog though), a few times it has looked promising but their human minds blocked them from our higher selves. I think that you understand what I mean. 41 degrees and raining here, I’m thankful it isn’t colder and snowing. I made a pretty good turkey and mashed potatoes casserole yesterday.I hope that all is well with you, hugs.


  2. I just spotted this news.CAPE TOWN, South Africa – After a protracted delay, tough new laws against sexual abuse will finally go into effect Sunday in South Africa, which is often called the “rape capital” of the world.Mankind seems to be devolving.


  3. Hi Billy,I know what you mean.My own purpose in keeping this blog is purely selfish – I’m exercising my little ability to communicate.:)South Africa probably is the rape capital of the world, as well as the violent crime capital. We have a torrid past and a lot of resentment that the more things changed, the more they in fact stayed the same.We may never learn, but I’m an eternal optimist.Love,Terri in a strangely -weathered Joburg


  4. Hi Aquila — I also feel unsettled whenever the bogging community shifts and changes. But that is the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Here’s hoping for some sense from the Polokwane conference and some new brilliant bloggers to emerge in the new year!


  5. I had to check into what the Polokwane conference is as I’ve never heard of it.You know, our so called democracies and the political systems built around them are pretty much a farce because they are too complex. I think the world would be much better off if governed by one world body instead of all these different systems. It’s one world, all these power struggles are pretty much nonsense.


  6. Hey guys! I just saw this after checking my technorati links. I am so back right now and I hope to stay that way for a while. Life was crazy. I have missed you too! I hope to get back to commented more regularly on your blogs very soon. 🙂 Much love! Lee.


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