Druids and Witches all over the world and from all states of being
and knowing have been pointing me in one direction these last few days and I am thankful that they all exsist in my sphere of cognition for they assure me that not only am I never truly alone
but that we’re all not more than one thing which thing I call Goddess.

How incredibly vain it is of us to struggle with each other’s faults, just for all the world as if they were not our very own. The faults, and each other.

I don’t see worldpeace heaving over the horizon, but I do see a glimmering possibility of world understanding. Of world empathy and world knowing that what you are, that I am too. And where you are, there am I,too.
And what you destroy, I am involved in that killing, too. And what you love I, too, am in love with.

Summer has arrived down south at last, and I raise a glass of cranberry-and-cherry juice to you all,my other selves, going down into winter.

My wonderful partner stereotypically forgot my birthday on Thursday and bought me a surprise altar on Saturday. It stands in a west-facing position and is dedicated to scrying, distance and many-person magic, and the shedding of those poisonous habits I still manage to cling to.

Hecate, obviously, has full dominion over it.


6 responses to “Salute!

  1. When the Indian mystic Jiddu Krishnamurti was asked days after Gandhi’s assassination who had killed the saint, Krishnamurti replied, “We all did.” A very thoughtful post. I’m dealing with a couple issues in my own life where I could rant and rave and get in people’s faces. I’ve been striving my hardest to be conscious of my own faults, to be forgiving of the faults of others, and to address these situations with all the reason and spirit of at-one-ment that I can muster. This post is a very useful reminder to keep on truckin’.


  2. Ah, an alter, at first glance I thought it was a stove or heater. Very good post, I don’t see world peace on the horizon either, sadly. Maybe after the great awakening, if mankind hasn’t destroyed himself by then. His ability to survive here. Maybe the great spirit will just flow through plants and bugs and other critters that do survive.It’s pretty cool being in human form though. But it would be nice if they were wiser.Headed toward winter here, big storm here yesterday, many lost electricity, and the internet services was down for half a day. I have some things to take care of in the yard, but no real damage. Hugs.


  3. Thats exactly it, Terri. I carry (on and off, depending on how deeply I think) this self imposed, ridiculous sense of….? responsability? for all the f-ups of the world, that somehow I am part of it, by just being human. Other people are intrinsically part of “me”, what they do might have, could have been “me”, or someone I love- who is “me” connected by blood or emotion, or anyone else …who is “me” in some way. I suspect that the “average” of all things is the best we can hope for in general with regards to humanity in all its various guises, and deeds.On either side will be the extremes…those few remarkable or despicable people. Peace? Probably. But swifly followed by war of some kind. Repeatedly. Its that “pulse” thingy, again! I have even got this darn idea that somehow we dont actually have to be anything other than what we are, faults and all…its just that in some (extreme) cases our “faults” affect the continuation of our life in our bodies/ communities/ species/ world. IMHO, of course.I think your altar is beautiful. I dont doubt for a moment that you are loved by your man. And a hug for your birthday.Love Shell, 🙂


  4. Terri, I’m a believer in one God. Not any biblical God, but in the sense that collective we are God. We are the collective consciousness of the all, the whole. We are the all. In evolution of course. I’m doing a new post in the morning hon, hugs.


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