Aaargh. I’ve been memed.

Thanks Mahud.

10 Years Ago (37 years old)

Gripped in the iron hand of Valium. Starting to become a drunk again.

My mother was dying-or rather, her mind and personality had just about started to die. Her body would take another 2 years. My son was the most perfect 12-year-old I have ever met.

20 Years Ago(27 years old)

Divorced for the second time.Going through another bout of being a drunk. Also started being a Pagan, very much in secret. My son was the most delightful 2-year-old I have ever met.

30 Years Ago (17 years old)

With a brilliant set of M-levels under my belt, taking some time off to work in a motorbike shop and planning my future as the next best thing to hit the astrophysical world, starting with ‘varsity.

Oh dear….

Actually, I’m laughing, not crying. What a bloody farce some of my life has been!
Yup, that’s my astrochart at the top.

3 responses to “10-20-30

  1. “What a bloody farce some of my life has been!”Mine also, but we can hardly blame ourselves, just look at how they raise and teach us, what else do we have to go by? We try to believe our teachers and mentors until something in our souls starts rebelling.It’s a difficult journey for us to unbrainwash ourselves. Hugs.


  2. Bill/Oaksong,Yup.My chart is proudly lopsided!I’ve had several issues to deal with in this life,and some think that my chart reflects this.The scariest chart I ever saw belonged to a 32-year-old Aquarian, all of whose planets were in Aquarius, except Neptune, which was in Scorpio,like mine.I said that that was the chart of either an Einstein or an axe-murderer.It turns out the latter was correct.Billy/BBC,I do blame myself,just a little. It’s under the heading of Personal Responsibilty. Otherwise I would be a mad axe-murderer, too.Love,Terri


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