We Are Star Dust

Last night, falling asleep with what felt like a damn bug in my bio-system, I treated myself to a stunning panorama of spiral galactic arms.
The fact that we are ourselves the product of supernovae has been keeping me close to tears recently.
Mythology is full of sacrificial saviour-gods, as well as some saviour-goddesses.

My question is thus :

What about the star which died for you?

That bug? Banished with a cup of Juniper and Liqourice tea this morning.

6 responses to “We Are Star Dust

  1. It’s true, in the words of the old song, that “We are stardust, we are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”Hope you’re better soon. Drinking a rose tonight from South Africa.


  2. Have you seen the movie The Fountain? It combines mythological themes of death and rebirth, connected with a dying nebula, that the Mayans associated with the realm of the dead.I’d highly recommend it 🙂


  3. Thanks Mahud- I’m allergic to movies, but I’ve heard of that one (through one of the Pagan websites) although it hasn’t come out in South Africa, as far as I know.But it should soon be in the DVD stores-I’ll go look it up when I’ve got a weekend with nothing to do.hahahhahaa….Love,Terri


  4. “The fact that we are ourselves the product of supernovae”That is one way of putting it. The more sensible way of putting it is that we are a product of cosmic sex.


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