Universal Recreation

The celebration of the equinoxes and solstices; of the start of each season in the yearly round – these are the defining Sabbats of Paganism.

We do not celebrate the birthday of some deity- rather we acknowledge, with ritual and joy, our roles as co-creators of this Universe.

This is a defining point for a Pagan-not the god form, but the act of making and shaping all that is, is the reason for the seasonal celebration.

Here on our altar we represent the primordial fire, which divided into two, male and female.
We hold sacred the chalice/womb of life, and give centre stage to the airy intellectual force required to form vessels for itself from the raw elements of earth.

The fire, the cup, the incense and the pentacle are arrayed upon the round of the altar,

which is itself the centre of a circle of light represented by coloured candles hanging be

tween earth and sky.
In this way do we turn the wheel.
In this way do we celebrate life.
In this way do we acknowledge our creative power, singly and as a collective with those forms we call deity.
Thus do we honour our own godhood, in joyful dance and song.

And feasting….

And finally, passing out on the floor until the next celebration.

3 responses to “Universal Recreation

  1. I don’t pay much attention to the changing of the seasons, calendar date wise anyway. They are just things humans made up to help explain and understand time and seasons. I live in an area with mild winters but I love summers best. Ya, know, early pagans did just fine without calendars. Other than the one in their heads, a sense of change and a reason to feast and celebrate.We do love to celebrate events.


  2. Hecate – how did you know? :)All four of my ‘unfamiliar’ dogs wait patiently outside the cirlce until it’s opened. Then it’s a free for all with the cake which has been offered to the sidhe.Love,Terri in Joburg


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