Alban Eiler

“I bind unto myself today
The virtues of the Starlit Heaven,
The glorious Sun’s life-giving Ray,
The whiteness of the Moon at Ev’n;
The Flashing of the Lightning free,
The whirling Wind’s tempestuous Shocks,
The stable Earth, the deep salt Sea,
Around the old, eternal Rocks. “

A blessed day of balance-Spring for my southern hemisphere cospiritualists, and Autumn for those of you in the north.


5 responses to “Alban Eiler

  1. “The stable Earth, the deep salt Sea,Around the old, eternal Rocks. “Do you understand what you said there? If not, let me enlighten you.This is about the oldest part of the cosmos. Of all that is. That is why it is pretty stable here. And able to support life like this here.Out there, everywhere else, it is all young compared to this, and very unstable and violent. And I dare you to show me other life like this out there. It may happen in the future, but for now what you see is what you get, value it. Hugs.


  2. Hey, even though it is going into fall here, it was a beautiful day here.I should have went over and finished painting the last of George’s home. But I elected to screw off instead. After the UU Fellowship service (boring) I went out on the spit for a while and looked at Canada with my new spotting scope. I was surprised that I can see small boats out there that I don’t even know are there.It looks like Lee deleted her blog, what a shame.


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