No Bigger Than Your Thumb

Something in me, a lot older than 47 years, can’t quite believe that we let this happen.
Come on people, how is it that in South Africa, 10% of the population and in Uganda 60 % of men and 70% of women believe that wife beating is OK, or sometimes OK- which two positions amount to the same thing, in my view.

How did we allow the rise of those iniquitous and evil religions, Christianity, Islam, and (I’m sorry) Judaism ?

When did we lose our sanity altogether and think it was a good idea for women to be treated, and behave, as property?

Yes, I’m aware that that old ‘no bigger than your thumb’ rule probably never existed in law in England – but branding it a hoax doesn’t wipe away the booksful of incitement to violence against women, the condoning of violence against women, and the blind-eye of violence against women. Propped up, supported, by the attitudes of Bronze Age goat herders.
Haven’t we come far enough yet to see the inherent evil in these background sanctions?

Something in me that is older than the oldest patriarchal religion is in full revolt today. The insanity of humankind has to come to an end, or we can kiss homo sap. goodbye.


2 responses to “No Bigger Than Your Thumb

  1. Something in me, a lot older than 47 years,Something in you is as big as the ALL. And the ALL is as big as millions of years of evolution.It isn’t the ALL that is the problem, it is the fact that early mankind screwed its minds all up and it is still with us.I was talking to a man today and told him that the next ten years will be very interesting, and make it or break it for mankind. Now this man is no light thinker and he agreed. Rest assured that even if things do end up well that it’s going to be very ugly for a while. I’m in a good place for that, but I’m not so sure you are in that big town. But I suppose you are there for the money, correct me if I’m wrong. But my world has never revolved around money.Money, ha, ha, ha. I would advise you to get some of the skills I have, you may well need them.And find a smaller and quieter place, it’s up to you of course. But a big town going to hell, that will be a ugly thing.I hope that I won’t have to tell you “I told you so”. Hugs.


  2. Strangely enough my home in the Bible Belt of the U.S. is surrounded by the worst kind of redneck, wifebeaters. In this day and age with all our technology and so-called intelligence we can’t seem to root out this evil.


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