Let’s Dance!

I have been feeling more and more like dancing in recent weeks.

This is significant, as I haven’t danced in years!

So I’ve been taking my big whisk broom on a promenade around the house this morning.

On the Pagan home front, we received some good news from our convener at SAPRA, Damon Leff.

I’ll let him tell you in his own words:

Good news.

Luke Martin has confirmed that the Mpumalanga Legislature will not proceed with their Witchcraft Suppression Bill. He met with the Provincial Executive Council last week and this was conveyed to him verbally.

And, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has agreed to review and reform the national Witchcraft Suppression Act. This was confirmed to me by a senior member of the Department’s Legal Services today. I trust this means the Act will be found to be unconstitutional and withdrawn.

I am waiting for written confirmation from this Department.

Thank you to everyone who supported the petition against this Bill. Luke will forward all signatories to the Minister’s Office in motivation in due course, so please, don’t stop signing the petition – if you have not yet signed it that is.

Damon, and his counterpart in the South African Pagan Council, Luke Martin, have worked very hard indeed on this issue-the rest of us were left in their dust. But we have supported them all the way, and if the new climate of togetherness among SA Pagans lasts, it will have spawned a serendipitous outcome as well.

I’m back at work – and lo and behold! – the birds have decreed that it is truly spring at last.

Scrapping on the ground with our very own Osiris Trading sparrows this week were a Cape Robin:

and a RedWing Starling:

both of whom I was happy to see.

Excuse me now folks- my broom has booked this next gavotte.


7 responses to “Let’s Dance!

  1. Ah, to dance as if you are one. To find Goddess and dance with her as if we are one. That would be a beautiful thing to me. I’m back from the Great Spiritual Gathering and will start posting about it in the morning, it was beautiful, hugs.


  2. I’ve been ‘dancing’ quite a bit lately, although it’s more like throwing my self around untill I get dizzy and trip over the funiture.My favourite music to freak out too at the moment is the harcore noise rock of Meltbaba, and brain Doner/Julian cope 😀


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