"Wathint’ abafazi, Wathint’ imbokodo"

“Strike the Woman, Strike the Rock”

Lilian Ngoyi

Helen Joseph

Albertina Sisulu

Sophia Williams-De Bruyn

…Thou art Goddess.


6 responses to “"Wathint’ abafazi, Wathint’ imbokodo"

  1. “Strike the Woman, Strike the Rock”I didn’t notice at first that that was a link. Somehow though, American women have it all out of perspective, and I know so many of them that are lonely because of their views and attitudes. They want a shift of power, to them.But a lot of these women shouldn’t have any power at all as they don’t know how to control it. They don’t know anything about communication and balance.They just want to run amok with freewill and shop, and to hell with the planet. Some planet hey? Hugs


  2. Good morning, Terri… This is a comment in reply to what you said on my blog this morning. Hugs. Science is still a youth, give it time. Shoot, they haven’t gotten around to seeing that all that creation out there is sexual energies, but they will some day.


  3. Hello Kay-I’m buggering around with my blog today. Spring cleaning and stuff. I haven’t decided if I like the grey yet. Give it time.Good evening Billy-I’m a little impatient with scientists, I suppose.I grew up with two of them as parents, and became one myself.It sometimes seems to me as though scientists believe that theirs are the only opinions which count.Sigh.I’m back to work tomorrow folks, and not before time-any more of this ‘leave’ stuff and my house would be clean enough to perform surgery in, and my blog would turn -oh I don’t know- orange and green perhaps.Love,Terri


  4. Hon, you don’t need a clean house, with all that is in your head what you need is a new post. BTW…. God is a scientist. It’s all evolution and learning hon. 🙂


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