Thou Art Goddess Thursday

Many thanks to Lee * for the inspiration-this is something I need to practice over and over again.

I was drifting off to sleep last night-something I do every night after I’ve erected the egregore guardians of the place**-when I started turning everything which entered my mind into Goddess.

The buds which are starting to show, all deep crimson, on the climbing jasmine outside-Thou art Goddess. The mistaken bee which buzzed my keyboard a good ten days ago-Thou art Goddess, and lost to boot. My beautiful hounds, sleepy and alert at once on their pallet in the study-Thou art all four of you Goddess, too.

But then my mind started going over the news of the day, here in South Africa.
The trial is nearly over of a 56 year old man-Theunis Olivier, a white ex-Zimbabwean- who sodomised and then strangled to death a five year old boy, Steven Siebert, at Christmas 2005.

The airwaves have been turning blue with the violence of the phone-in listeners towards this sick and ugly man-and I admit to a strong loathing towards him as well. Hacking him to death would seem a fitting punishment. But I had, not fortuitously, just come off a transformation of the things around me into Goddess and it struck me then with a force that turned me inside out-this man, too is Goddess. Unconscious of the fact, evil and loathsome he has become-but he’s still Goddess.

And*** in an area around my heart, something swelled and then burst, flooding my body with warmth. An understanding of something way beyond me encompassed me. I couldn’t possibly explain it in words, now-but it was there, at the moment that I named Theunis Olivier as Goddess-a deep comprehension of the World as Goddess.

Whether we like what we behold or turn from it in disgust-it’s all there, all Goddess, all our creation and our being

*Original inspiration in my personal blogosphere from Hecate , and for the world from Robert Anson Heinlein
**Other folk may lie awake, or go get a glass of milk and a cookie, or translate their thesis into Japanese, but I take the conservative route.
*** Yes, I know I’m not supposed to start a sentence, let alone a paragraph, with ‘and’.


13 responses to “Thou Art Goddess Thursday

  1. “This lady said yes, it’s a horrible thing this man has done-but why are we not accepting that we are all responsible for him?”It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise an idiot. I was raised an idiot. I’ve been a long time working it out properly.The trial is nearly over of a 56 year old man-Theunis Olivier, a white ex-Zimbabwean- who sodomised and then strangled to death a five year old boy, Steven Siebert,I knew nothing about this, other than though another part of me, you.Lets see, I will fix Helen chicken for her breakfast today, she has been ‘eating’ it since I bought it and put it in the freezer.Have a great day…Hugs.


  2. Terri, would it make any sense to you if I told you that in the beginning of creation that I sexed my mother (the first nano partial) and that is what started all of creation?And that nano partial is in you?Think about it, maybe you can figure it out on your own.


  3. Wow Terri. What an epiphany – beautiful and yet disturbing at the same time. It reminds me that we are all capable of such terrible things. About a year ago or so I was sitting in one of my classes listening to a conversation between a student and my rather flaky professor. At some point they both were like “Oh, I’d never be able to kill anyone.” I have no idea how that came up in conversation but of course I had to chime in with, “Yes, you could.” They vehemently disagreed and I finally shrugged and said, “Well, I could.” When they looked at me like I was a psycho I said, “Do you have children?” Prof said she did; a little girl of 12. “Now imagine something terrible happening to her or someone breaking into your home to take her away.” They thought in silence for a few minutes and I said, “See, you could kill.”We are all dangerous in our own ways it’s just what we chose to do with our emotions, our fears, our insecurities, our childhood traumas…


  4. Oh, sure, I could kill someone, if they where trying to do me or a loved one harm. Other than that I say to live and let live.I could also step in front of a speeding bullet to protect a loved one.


  5. – deleted the other post like this due to typos. By the way, I hope this catches on. It was originally inspired by yourself and Hecate. I thought the idea was so lovely it should be a weekly thing. :)Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone participated in Thou Art Thursday? LOL Seriously though, it might change the way some people think and that’s usually a good thing.


  6. Hey, Lee knows how to properly delete a comment. How about that. Now there is one smart chickie. Hell, she may even be smarter than I am. :-)On the other hand, I’m dumber than a fence post being as a fence post has sense enough to stay in one place and do its job.


  7. I’m not getting into a conversation regarding the relative intelligence of You and Lee, Billy. :)About that creation myth (‘myth’ in the sense of a story we tell ourselves to explain How We Did It)- it sounds identical to most Pagan creation mythologies.Goddess was, and is, in the beginning. God must activate Her creative potential above a background state (the Ground of Being). Yes. each of us carries that seed, that divine spark, but most of us seem unaware of it.Lee, in South Africa we may be closer to realising our violent potentials than, say, in America. We live deeply submerged in the brutalisation of our past. Most South Africans, pacifist or not, can display a murderously aggressive streak. Love,Terri


  8. Heh Heh. Billy loves pissing contests. 🙂 Though I’m sure he’s acquired wisdom in his years that I couldn’t possibly touch. Terri – I see what you mean about the difference between the two countries. Obviously terrible things happen everywhere, but South Africa seems to still be making a huge transition. I hope one day you can live in relative peace down there.


  9. Lee, in South Africa we may be closer to realising our violent potentials than, say, in America.We live deeply submerged in the brutalisation of our past.Don’t kid yourself hon, America has always been a brutal country also. Our ancestors took it by brute force. The west was settled by brute force. Like it says on my coffee cup. I’M SURROUNDED BY FUCKIN’ IDIOTS.


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