Five Years

We’ve got five years-my brain hurts a lot.
Five years-that’s all we’ve got


2 responses to “Five Years

  1. I don’t watch Utube because of my slow connection. But if all we have is five years before we are just bugs again I guess we had better make the most of it. Being as I don’t have a hand to hold I guess I will just enjoy it at the beach and places like that the best I can. When mankind is history I will stay up to record his history and demise. Hugs.


  2. Hi BBC,The funny thing is that video (which I know you can’t see-I was on a dial up for a long time, being in Africa you know!) was made 35 years ago-I was 12 years old when it came out and a huge fan of David Bowie-I still am.His song is all about how he’d just learnt we had 5 years left on Earth.I couldn’t get it out of my head yesterday, so I went and found the video and posted it.Love,Terri in Joburg


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