It’s a Fish Head!

By Goddess, and I’d never thought about it-they’re wearing fish heads on their heads!

As this article articulates nicely .
(pointy hat-tip to Morgainne!)

Not only is the ‘Christian Fish’ a rotated vesica piscis, the very elect of the Church Fathers are wearing a symbol of the Great Mother, and Her holy gateway, on their heads.

I swear I’ll never be able to see a bishop now without bursting out laughing.


3 responses to “It’s a Fish Head!

  1. Hi Aquila, I’m living in Romania now and for some reason can’t remote access my blog. Will try to start a new one as soon as I can. Meanwhile, if you send me your email address I’ll write to you if you like. Cheers, Chris.


  2. Good morning, Terri, nice to see you on my blog. I get up as early as two, turn on my computer and let the world drive me nuts with the bullshit news of the stupid things going on out there. Anyway, looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day here. I hope it’s a great day for you take care, hugs.


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