Harm and the Goddess

A while ago, I was talking casually to a young male colleague about our history as a (human!) race, and how I believed we hadn’t always been this way.

As I was outlining how I thought we used to be, in the Neolithic, before the Coming of the Kings , with their WarGods and the start of the hierarchical society, we both felt the hair on our backs stand up.

It was as though, as I described our more communal, interdependent way of life in a matristic culture, the Goddess had breathed upon our very souls.It’s a moment that I won’t forget. She let me know in no uncertain terms where the truth of the past-and of the future – lay.

She settles into my Selves and announces Her presence at the oddest of moments.

Two evenings ago, we were on the road home, stuck in a highway traffic jam as the night drew down and unseasonal lightning struck the hills before us.

We got off the highway and took an alternative route through first an industrial area, then an expensive suburb. I was in unfamiliar territory, in the dark, and it was raining.In one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

The little Wild Olive tree stood in the midst of a sea of jasmine, late-blooming, on the centre aisle of the busy road.The streetlights illuminated the jasmine blossoms a spooky orange, and insects hovered and dived around them.

It was then again that She stirred within me, and I was almost knocked unconscious by the force of Her love for this world.

I think I know why we come back, again and again. Just to experience moments like those.

The violence in the US, and here, and there- and, well, everywhere has started me thinking about who it is that snaps and flies planes into buildings, or shoots up a classroom of engineering students, or cuts throat of a teenager for his cellphone.
It’s always men.

(sheesh, I almost wrote me there- that tells me something!)

I’m pretty sure by now that the Patriarchy has wounded men more deeply than women.

Cerrtainly, women are hurting/have been hurting too.

But men seem to be more seriously damaged by our cultural lack of the Goddess.

I’m not entirely sure of the reasons for this, but I can sense the outlines of an answer, and it has to do with men being more structurally bound to the hierarchical, non-caring, non-nurturing society than women.

Women can perhaps more easily reconnect to She who loves us ecstatically, unconditionally. (Thank you, Athana!)

I’m out to look for a more concrete answer though.I know there are people out there with a more defined view of how the damage we’ve done to ourselves manifests today.


10 responses to “Harm and the Goddess

  1. Aquila, this resonates as true. Thank you. I am thinking about my son and his friends. Maybe the most important thing we goddess worshippers do is raise sons. again, thank you.


  2. Deborah;I really, really mucked up raising a son, but I know what you mean.It is important.Judy:No, I’ve never lived in Cape Town, but I was born in Durban.Lived all over the world, due to footloose parents!Love,Terri


  3. Oh yes, that resonates to me as a man. Those absolute moments of presence that seem to become more frequent the older I get. The hurt that came from not being able to relate my entire self to the Divine in man’s image – the liberation that came from opening to the Goddess in all her forms.And, of course, the fact that patriarchy is just bad for everybody. I met Tim Ward last summer and vividly remember him saying that patriarchy has only ever served a tiny power hungry ruling elite and that it has been bad for all other men – bad when they have been conscripted into armies – bad when their sons have been conscripted into armies – bad when their wives and daughters have been raped and mistreated – bad when they have been sold into slavery – bad when they have been educated to accept the way things are.


  4. Victor Anderson used to say that things went wrong when religions took away the “hand of love” of God Herself.But I was thinking again about the abuses in Abu Ghraib prison. Women were just as much involved as men…


  5. I have been aware of a deeper connection to the Goddess, too, lately whilst driving at night as I have been doing lately alot! The issue is definately on my mind, before I read your blog entry…I have two sons to raise, and a husband who has just walked out on me. I am extremely aware of raising aware and compassionate men.Love,Tamayashell


  6. Ah, I like to get around a bit…see whats out there! Know a little bit about lots of things…. the eternal seeker, I suppose. I like the way your thoughts insire me.Thinking of the journey ahead is filling me with a mixture of hopefull anticipation and dread. And a few other things aswell.Love,Tamayashell


  7. “A while ago, I was talking casually to a young male colleague about our history as a (human!) race, and how I believed we hadn’t always been this way.”No, it was better before our ancestors played with their brains so much and screwed them up with an omnipotent God belief that created everything. When God is only a spirituality.”I’m pretty sure by now that the Patriarchy has wounded men more deeply than women.Cerrtainly, women are hurting/have been hurting too.But men seem to be more seriously damaged by our cultural lack of the Goddess.”True words, very good. I’ve been kicked around by so many of these loveless women since moving here and starting my spiritual journey that I don’t even get involved with them anymore because they do not have the Goddess spirit in them. Great post, hugs.


  8. Early on, man screwed up his brains, then went on to screw up his womens brains, it’s been a struggle ever since, and I don’t see it ending. It just seems to keep getting worse.


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