The Coming of the Crone

© Atmara Rebecca Cloe. Available for use by permission only

The Mother is arguably the most popular face of the Goddess.
In the middle of April we are finally feeling the herald of Her much-less-loved persona, the Crone.

How I adore the Crone.

She speaks to me of wisdom gained through both pain and joy.

She it is who can look through the veil which divides here from there, now from then.

We have four liquidamber trees along our back fence.

These beautiful trees are one of the very few species in the world’s largest man-made forest* which actually put on an Autumn show-their leaves turn red and copper and gold, usually by Mabon.

But this year, only one tree is wearing its preWinter gown.The others are all still in full green.

A Pearl Acacia in the courtyard we look down upon at work is sprouting new pale green leaves.

What have we done?

As for me and my house, we shall worship the Coming of the Crone,in all Her chilly finery.



9 responses to “The Coming of the Crone

  1. I wonder where Goddess is. I sure don’t see her flowing through many women on this planet.What I mostly see is wants, needs, greed, and destruction of the planet and it’s ability to sustain human life.It isn’t looking pretty.


  2. As in Johannesburg, so in Appalachia. Our autumn last October began fully 3 weeks later than it did when I was a little girl. The trees used to be fully colored by October 15. Now they’re still bright green on that date.


  3. BBC:Goddess is in me.And in Anne, and in you.Aaargh.But you knew this trite answer. :)Anne:I am (to use an overworked SEffricanism) Appalled.We’ve all seen it happening, and now we’re making noises when it may be too late.Love,Terri in Joburg


  4. Yeah, Anne is okay, just crazy. LOLInteresting writer though, doesn’t bitch like I do (in the same way). But then Goddess is supposed to balance out cranky God with her own sense of humor.


  5. We are having unseasonal hot (24 degrees Celcius) weather in England with wall to wall blue sky. I agree the Crone is important, deep wisdom gained in the dark and through the acceptance of loss. The long dark nights (and darkness itself) can be so enriching. But our world is schooled to find darkness and silence threatening and frightening. How can we discover the richness of Goddess without silence and dark?p.s. This year’s Goddess Conference in the UK is centred on the Crone.


  6. Terry, the squatting fruitcake is in her sixties. :-)”I’m out there, from where you stand.”You know hon, that makes perfect sense to me. That makes you part of the omnipresent spirit, the all, we are a part of each other. Hugs


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