Fiat Lux

(graphic from New Scientist)

I started the working day by not working.

By reading, in fact, of our efforts to create our own universe .

It seems that the central ingredient necessary for us (or rather our Mad Scientists) to be able to do this is one magnetic monopole.

That’s a magnet with only one pole, to state the bloody obvious.

I’d actually be rather chuffed if we did manage to find one, as Maxwell’s Equations would be more-err-symmetrical.

Not that the damn equations have to be symmetrical, but I for one would find them more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t belive I’m alone in this quirk, either.

Do you see that zero to the right of the second equation?

You did go look at the equations didn’t you? Aren’t they beautiful?

That’s what happens in the absence of a magnetic monopole.

So no, we haven’t found one yet-but we’re looking.

The Collider Detector at Fermilab is an institution dedicated to finding it, among other elementary particles in our universe.

Now, that graphic at the top of the post shows what would happen if we managed to round up one magnetic monopole, and abuse it with heavy matter until it started inflating.

It would create it’s own set of spacetime, and eventually (well, pretty quickly actually) ease itself out of our sights altogether.
I mean totally disappear-a brand spanking new, completely inaccessible universe.

So what’s the point?

Just knowing that we know how to do this, I guess.

This is power, and this belongs to us.

All of Us.

Not just these guys:


2 responses to “Fiat Lux

  1. Sorry, that power doesn’t lie with me. I never met an equation I liked. Pie is something you eat with ice cream. A monopole is a game with the last letter spelled wrong.But if they want this little thing done and done right, they ought to ask a bored god or goddess. They learn how to do stuff like that at God School.


  2. We did create our own universe, at least our pagan sexual energies did. And then we created a beautiful planet where we could experience life in these human forms.Then our ancestors screwed it all up by playing with their brains too much and now it is being destroyed. And I’m not very happy about that. It was okay being a bug but being in human form is more interesting. Oh well, being omnipresent all I can do is wait and see how it goes. I’ve learned to stay away from these monkey women though, they just drive me nuts with all their wants and needs.


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